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joseannie martinez afro-dominican posing

My Story

Joseannie Martinez is an Afro-Dominican and self-publishing author living in Paterson, New Jersey. In 2020 she launched her Instagram account to shift the narrative, destigmatize epilepsy, and provoke conversations.
After being diagnosed with epilepsy at 16, she dreamt of writing children's books on her personal experience to help others. Martinez published her first book in 2022, "Lucky Feels Fuzzy." The book centers characters with disabilities as a self-help for young readers to learn how to express their symptoms and self-advocate for themselves. In addition, by featuring cats in different colors, she promotes inclusivity and demonstrates that epilepsy affects humans and animals.

Josie's mission is to build diversity, equity, and inclusion in children's books to ensure children with epilepsy have a seat at the table. 

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